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CEU Mass Mediator

The CEU Mass Mediator is an easy-to-use tool for database searching that allows the simultaneous batch query in three different databases: METLIN, KEGG and LIPID MAPS. It can be accessed at:

link 1

link 2

To perform a query, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Batch query. The list of masses is introduced in the first window labelled “Masses”. The window labelled with “time” can be used to introduce the retention time or any other tag for the compounds. The level of accuracy required can be set using the tolerance window: mass error expressed in ppm variation can be selected.
  2. Compound list. Pressing the ‘submit for compounds’ button the CEU Mass Mediator generates a list of compounds that match with the features’ accurate masses, retrieving from the three databases: experimental mass, CAS, identifier, names, formula, database, molecular weight, and pathways.
  3. Excel file. An excel file containing all information present in the compound list can be generated permitting quicker and simpler data handling. Multiple identifications per feature’s mass are listed next to the experimental mass introduced at the beginning and are linked to the original database to facilitate any further investigation or inspection. Isomers have to be eliminated manually from the list.
  4. The excel file imported can be cleaned and exported again to the mediator, which generates a new list. This recursive process can be done as many times as desired.