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[31 jul 2018 | No Comment | 949 views]

Building on the success of the 1st and 2nd International Electronic Conference of Metabolomics (IECM-1 in 2016 and IECM-2 in 2017), Metabolites (ISSN 2218-1989), a peer-reviewed, scientific journal, edited by MDPI, is proud to be the organizer and sponsor of the third International Electronic Conference on Metabolomics. Contributions dealing with any discipline promoting metabolism and metabolomics will be welcomed.
The conference will be held online ( from 15–30 November 2018, enabling you to present your latest research to the scientific community and to have the opportunity to participate in fruitful exchanges …

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[12 abr 2013 | No Comment | 1.830 views]


To facilitate contact, dialogue and debate with experts in various-omics fields, to expand their knowledge of the potential mass spectrometry and gene analysis techniques combined with multivariate statistical analysis, that enhance the research capacity of their laboratory.
To present the enormous potential of the integration of multi-omics results (through metabolic pathways) in order to provide enhancement of biomedical research:
– Discover new biomarkers to achieve:
Early diagnosis of diseases and anticipate the effect of the treatment;
Classify patients to predict the suitability of certain treatments;
Assess side effects of new drugs on metabolic pathways.

–Study the …

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[21 nov 2012 | No Comment | 2.432 views]

CEMBIO has participated in the 12th Meeting of the Spanish Society of Chromatography and Related Techniques (SECyTA), which took place from 14th to 16th of November in the Congress Centre of Tarragona.
Several comunications and posters with new developments and innovations in the field of chromatography were presented. CEMBIO attended the congress presenting two comunications:

Alma Villaseñor «CE-LIF method for serine enantiomers in plasma with applications to bipolar depression»

David Rojo «Antimonials activity and resistance mechanism in leishmania spp., a multiplataform metabolomics approach».

Our colleague Francisco Javier Rupérez was the Chairman of the …

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[19 sep 2012 | Comentarios desactivados en Danuta Dudzik has won an Excellence Award for her Poster in the 29th international Symposium on Chromatography | 3.094 views]

Danuta Dudzik, a member of CEMBIO, has won an Excellence Award for her Poster in the 29th international Symposium on Chromatography (the 29th ISC) that took place on 9th – 13th September 2012 in Toruń, Poland.
This award was given to Danuta from among 500 applicants for the most outstanding scientific poster presentation on the conference, entitled:
 “Metabolomic fingerprinting of cord blood in gestational diabetes mellitus with LC-QTOF-MS”.

Michael Ciborowski, Danuta Dudzki, Coral Barbas (left), Joanna Godzien and Coral Barbas (right) during the symposium

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[27 jun 2012 | Comentarios desactivados en AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES & CEMBIO JOINT SEMINAR IN METABOLOMICS | 2.767 views]

Last tuesday 19 th of June we had the opportunity to listen to some of leading European scientists in metabolomics

Professor Dr Coral Barbas Arribas (San Pablo-CEU University, Madrid, Spain)
Enfermedades cardiovasculares, un modelo para estudios de metabolómica

Dra. Antonia García (San Pablo-CEU University, Madrid, Spain)
GC-MS una herramienta para búsqueda de marcadores en enfermedades pulmonares

Dr Joachim Thiemann (Agilent Technologies, Germany)
Tools and Workflows in Metabolomics and Comparative Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Professor Dr Marta Cascante (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain)
Las alteraciones metabólicas como nuevas dianas en el diseño de terapias para enfermedades multifactoriales


Isidro Masana (Especialista de …