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CEMBIO and Agilent Technologies organized, with IRB-Lleida-San Carlos Hospital collaboration, the seminar : Integrated biology. Integration of multi-omics results.

12 abril 2013 1.637 views No Comment


To facilitate contact, dialogue and debate with experts in various-omics fields, to expand their knowledge of the potential mass spectrometry and gene analysis techniques combined with multivariate statistical analysis, that enhance the research capacity of their laboratory.
To present the enormous potential of the integration of multi-omics results (through metabolic pathways) in order to provide enhancement of biomedical research:
Discover new biomarkers to achieve:
Early diagnosis of diseases and anticipate the effect of the treatment;
Classify patients to predict the suitability of certain treatments;
Assess side effects of new drugs on metabolic pathways.
Study the impact of disease, diet or drug treatment to determine:
The metabolic pathways altered;
Detailed changes that occur in specific metabolic pathways.

The seminar ended with the visit to the CEMBIO  laboratories.