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[10 feb 2011 | Comentarios desactivados en MARIA VALLEJO | 5.743 views]


Surname(s), First Name(s): María Vallejo
Nationality: Spanish
Academic degrees awarded: Degree in Farmacy at San Pablo CEU university; PhD. in Farmacy
Main activities: Development of analytical methods for metabolomics with capillary electrophoresis


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Surname(s), First Name(s): Villaseñor-Solis Alma
Nationality: Mexican
Academic degrees awarded: Bachelor degree on Pharmaceutical Chemist. Certificate of Advanced Studies (DEA) on Metabolomics. Actually I am a PhD student at San Pablo CEU University
Projects involved: Title: Metabolomictrial of respond of an N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist (ketamine) in treatment-resistant bipolar depression. Organization/Center: San Pablo CEU University at CEMBIO and in collaboration of  Laboratoryof Clinical Investigation, National Institute on Aging IntramuralResearch Program, Baltimore, MD. Length: 1 year. Goals: The study is focused to find out the metabolic differences between the patients that are diagnosed with the same grade …

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[9 feb 2011 | Comentarios desactivados en CLAUDIA | 3.272 views]


Surname(s), First Name(s): Balderas Arroyo, Claudia Berenice
Nationality: Mexican
Academic degrees awarded: Bachelor of Science, Pharmaceutical Biological Chemistry. UNAM. Diploma in Advanced Studies (D.E.A.), program in Perinatal biology and pathology.  San Pablo-CEU University
Main activities: Actually I am PhD student and I research on metabolomics studies of type 1 Diabetes. Based metabolomic analysis in conjunction with multivariate statistical analysis  was applied to examine the nutraceutical effect of rosemary extract plus  w-3 PUFAs in diabetic children
 Projects involved: Title : The use of metabolomics for the discovery of new biomarkers of type 1 diabetes. Fellowship: EADS-CASA, …

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[9 feb 2011 | Comentarios desactivados en JULIANO | 2.325 views]


Surname(s), First Name(s): Toledo, Juliano Simões
Nationality: Brasileña
Academic degrees awarded: BPharm, Biochemistry (São Paulo University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ribeirão Preto SP, Brazil); Msc, Genetics (São Paulo University, Faculty of Medicine, Ribeirão Preto SP, Brazil); PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biology (São Paulo University, Faculty of Medicine, Ribeirão Preto SP, Brazil)
Activities: I am linked with USP-CEU through scientific fellowship program named “Development of  New Prognosis Tools for Leishmaniasis Treatment in Brazil” accorded between EADS Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A., and Universidad CEU San Pablo (USP-CEU). My main objective in this one year post doctoral …

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[9 feb 2011 | Comentarios desactivados en SHAMA | 2.191 views]


Surname(s), First Name(s): Naz, Shama
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Academic degrees awarded: MSc in Bio-Analytical Science (2008); BSc in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (2003)
activities: Working as a Marie Curie ESR fellow in CEMBIO
Projects: Title: Metabolomics Fingerprinting of Pulmonary disease in animal model. Organization: CEMBIO. Length: 3 years. Goals: Detection of changes in the metabolomics profile by identifying potential biomarkers in order to understand the complexity and pathology of pulmonary diseases.