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  • Surname(s), First Name(s): López  Gonzálvez, Mª Ángeles
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Academic degrees awarded: Degree in Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1990.
    PhD in Chemistry in 1995 at the same University, Department of Analytical Chemistry, of Chemistry Faculty. 
  • Main activities: I have worked at USPCEU since 1995 and at CEMBIO since its inauguration in 2008, in both cases, to present.
    Teacher and researcher. Lines of previous research: Development of analytical methods for metabolomics with mass spectrometry; metabolomics analysis in Leishmania parasites. 
  • Projects involved: Title: In vitro comparative evaluation of drugs for Leishmaniasis. Organization: San Pablo University (Madrid, Spain) – University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil). Goals: This project intends to investigate in vitro anti-leishmaniasis drugs: tartarateantimonium (SbIII) – widely used in the treatment of Leishmaniasis; miltefosine – an old anticancer drug, used in India against de Visceral Leishmaniasis and buparvaquone – a promising veterinary drug that has been shown anti-leishmanial activity; using a metabolomics approach in different analytical platforms (CE-MS, LC-MS and GC-MS).
    Title: Desarrollo de nuevas estrategias y metodologías en metabólomica
    Entity: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, CTQ2011-23562, 2011-2013