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  • Surname(s), First Name(s): Rupérez, Francisco Javier
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Academic degrees awarded: Bachelor in Biological Sciences (speciality Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). Ph. D. by Universidad San Pablo – CEU (2003), with master thesis entitled “Influence of changes in the composition of fatty acids from the diet, gestation, and diabetes, on the tissue and circulating levels of vitamin E in the rat”.
  • Main activities: Attached to Analytical Chemistry Area in Universidad CEU-San Pablo since 1997. Since 2002, lecturer of different subjects in the degrees of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Pharmacy, as well as in the post-graduate courses of the current Faculty of Pharmacy. From its foundation, active member of the Center for Metabolomics and Bionalysis (CEMBIO), collaborator in the different studies currently on-going.
  • Projects involved: With experience as Animal Researcher (accredited in 2006), linked to research in Universidad CEU San Pablo with different projects related to oxidative stress and associated physiopathological situations, such as gestation and diabetes, in animal models and clinical studies, together with the treatment of such complications by means of administration of substances with potential antioxidant activity and nutraceutical properties.  More recently, involved in metabolomic studies of different situations, from complications associated to professional diving to several cardiovascular diseases. As a result of this research activity, 40 scientific papers have been published in journals included in JCR, since 1998.