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Coral Barbas

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  • Surname(s), First Name(s): Barbas, Coral
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Academic degrees awarded: Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences (1987). Marie Curie fellowship (2005/2006)
  • Projects/activities: Professor in Analytical Chemistry since 2007 and Head of Analytical Chemistry Area in Universidad San Pablo CEU since 1993. Since 2011, Vice-rector of Research in USP-CEU. Founder and Director of the Center for Metabolomics and Bionalysis (CEMBIO), and Principal Investigator in all the studies currently on-going.
    Since its foundation, linked to research in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Universidad CEU San Pablo with different collaborative projects related to oxidative stress, in animal models and clinical studies, together with research projects related with the development of analytical methodologies suited for Bioanalysis, quality control of pharmaceuticals. More recently, involved in metabolomic studies of different situations: complications associated to professional diving, several cardiovascular diseases, parasitic diseases (schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis), pulmonary diseases, cancer, and several punctual studies related to other situations, not only from the application, but also from the method development.
    As a result of this research activity, more than 150 scientific papers have been published in journals included in JCR, since 1996.